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Jun 8, 2010
Currently I have the Dell U2412M at work connected to my 2.3 quad core I7. I want to use the monitor at home as an external monitor for our MBP/rMB and upgrade my work monitor.

Any suggestions for a monitor? I'm using Word, Excel & internet.....

Can I push a 4K monitor or is it unnecessary for what I do?

I'm also thinking of the Dell U2415 or U2715. I've read good tings about them.

Thanks for your advice!
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May 28, 2016
I find that 1080 on 23-24" is just right. At 27", the dots are kinda too big.

I use a U2412M at work and a Samsung S24E390 at home. I don't need to adjust the height at home and the stand goes under my room window frame which U2412M couldn't do.

Mr. Retrofire

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Mar 2, 2010
...I'm also thinking of the Dell U2415 or U2715. I've read good tings about them...
I bought the Dell U2415 in 2015 (same Mac Mini). Review:

The U2415 is a flicker free (no PWM), modern and energy efficient display.

OS X recognizes it as a TV with a reduced color space (see system info), but you can fix this problem. See also:

How to force RGB in Mac OS X:
(i used Andrew Daugherity’s improved patch-edid.rb script from the same source)

My settings in the U2415 OSD are:

Brightness: 50 %
Contrast: 60 %

Input Source: DP (via mini Display Port to Display Port cable, included with the U2415)

Input Color Format: RGB
Gamma: PC (OS X 10.6+ uses the same gamma value)
Preset Modes: Standard

Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Sharpness: 60
Response Time: Normal
DP 1.2: Enable

DDC/CI: Enable
LCD Conditioning: Disable

All other settings do not affect the display quality.


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Jan 11, 2006
Ft. Lauderdale,Fl
Asus makes great DisplayPort monitors. I have one on my 2012 quad i7. Just use DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort cable. Same res as Thunderbolt Display non glare screen. Runs 2660x1440 mine is pb278 I'm sure there is a newer model now. If you want a 27" it's really amazing.
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