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    I am pondering on whether to get 2* 24" Led Cinema Displays for my Mac Pro... In my office at the moment... I have a setup where by I have my new Nehalem Mac Pro connected up to two 20.8" Totaku Medical Displays... (CCL352i2) which are colour... but also have a 10BIT LUT so showing 1021 Grey shades... It does up to 2048x1536 and is 3MP it has 600:1 Contrast so is pretty damn good!!!

    I have had no problems with these so far... but... I always am interested in new technologies...

    What I really want to do... Is to send these two monitors home... and hook them up to my old Mac Pro which is currently on two 30" Apple Monitors... (For Tele-Radiology)

    I would like to know whether the monitors in my office could be replaced by two Led Cinema Displays... I am not bothered by the glossy factor... but if anyone can recommend me in another direction... it should preferably be able to Turn around into Portrait/Landscape.... and be around 20-30".... oh.... and under £5000....

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    You are probably better off asking here:

    I'm not sure from you post why you want to change your displays around, so can't really offer you some specific options. There are many very good displays out there for a lot less than £2,500 each. However I can only speak in regards to non-critical uses (i.e art).

    Personally I feel NEC offer one of the best ranges for those concerned with quality and price. Samsung have some high end LED displays in the XL20, XL24 and XL30 and the HP LP2480xz is also LED backlitEizo are another high end company to buy from. But I don't know how they hold up for medical work. I guess you'd need to contact the companies involved if you aren't sure.

    Barco, Eizo, NEC, Panasonic and Totaku are all names I associate with medical displays.

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