New Nike+ App Will Focus on a Customized Shopping Experience

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    At the Nike Innovation Summit yesterday in New York, popular athletics company Nike revealed a new addition to its line of Nike+ software, simply called the Nike+ app, which will focus on a personalized shopping experience similar to Apple's own Apple Store app. Nike+ will integrate with the company's previously existing Nike+ Running [Direct Link] and Nike+ Training Club [Direct Link] apps, but is mainly billed as an information-centered hub for Nike's mobile software world.


    According to Nike, the "plus" in the title "now equates to 'personal,'" thanks to the customized springboard experience of Nike+. The first tab in the app will showcase an always-updating list of stories -- from training tips to product releases -- that will become more personalized over time the more Nike+ is used. The My Store tab will let users purchase Nike products from within the app, while the Services tab will guide them to the nearest physical Nike store and even let them book a 1:1 product reservation.
    Thanks to an integration with Apple's Wallet app, Nike+ will let its users "skip the line and get personalized service at Nike stores and events," with the use of a QR code saved into Apple's first-party app. The Inbox section of Nike+ rounds out the experience with a basic influx of the latest news directly from the company and details on upcoming events nearby.

    A specific launch date was not given, but Nike said its new Nike+ app will debut on iOS in June 2016. Those who are interested in the new app and aren't yet Nike+ members can sign up for the service today.

    Article Link: New Nike+ App Will Focus on a Customized Shopping Experience
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    Oh thanks Nike. I was looking for an easier way to buy your crap.
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    So Nike, when are you updating your running app to support the apple watch natively? or maybe making syncing data with third party services, such as strava (I do this with a third party app to keep the running and cycling data of my tri training on one place) easier?....

    I have been using that app since I fell in love with running almost 4 years ago, the last major update (the one that introduced spotify) was great..... but come on!!! I already buy some nike gear for running (except for shoes) I do not need an app for that!
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    A little bit of here and a little bit of there.
    No no no no no no.

    Native Apple Watch support is all I want.

    And keep separate.

    Just no.

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