New Nook Reader And Mac OSX

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Velin, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Hoping someone can write me a short answer (or point me to a brief writeup, post, or link) concerning the Nook, Mac OSX, and e-reader files and formats generally. This new Nook is my first e-reader so I don't know anything about the subject.

    First, to transfer files from a Mac to the Nook, do I just connect via USB?

    Second, for viewing pdfs on Nook, do I simply transfer them?

    Third, suppose I want to take a pdf, word document, or something else and put it into an "e-reader" format so it looks good on the Nook. What e-reader format is best? As a corollary, what OSX program or app should I use to change my files into this e-reader file format? What are fellow Apple peeps using to turn data into e-reader files?

    One final question: my Nook came with a micro SD card containing some free books. How can I get the books off of the SD card and onto the Nook's memory?

    Thank you Mac comrades.

    PS if you are thinking about getting this new Nook reader, my initial impression of it is it's inexpensive, light, great e-ink, and fast. Very happy with it thus far, but now I'm ready to really put it to work.
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    There's a complete user guide for your Nook in pdf format on the Barnes and Noble site somewhere in their Nook product info pages.

    Probably best to download the guide for your model Nook and look at the file transfer options. :)

    I remember downloading the guide when I was considering a Nook purchase. It's pretty detailed, should help you find what you need to know about moving the files and also getting the Nook reader to recognize / organize the material. Enjoy your Nook, I'm still thinking about getting one myself.

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