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Anonymous Freak

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Dec 12, 2002
I see it on Engadget on every single page there, as well as some pages of PC Magazine. It's a two-piece ad, with a banner on top that has an old fashioned light-bulbs-on-wood sign with a cord coming off the end that starts off with all the bulbs off reading "DON'T GIVE UP ON VISTA", and a second piece on the right hand side of the page lower, with PC holding a big red button connected to the cord (running toward the top banner, obviously,) and they talk about how people shouldn't give up on Vista; PC hits the button, and just the words "GIVE UP" light up. Then he hits it again, and "ON VISTA" also lights up. Then they go back and forth about the sign, PC hitting the button repeatedly, and "DON'T" never lights up, although the other words flick on and off at various intervals.

edit: attached a screenshot of the ad. Yes, I'm reading a PC Mag article about an early-touted Windows Vista feature that isn't really available yet. Ah, the irony.

Anonymous Freak

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Dec 12, 2002
I had to watch the ad (at Engadget) twice, only got it after reading this thread. My eyes completely missed the banner at the top of the page, I'm so used to ignoring them.

heh, yeah. I had my banner-ad-blocker turned on the first time, which made the top one completely disappear, and the 'main' one got put on the left-side of the page, OVER the body of the article. That had me going "what the.?.?.?" so I turned off my ad-blocker to figure out what was going on.


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Sep 15, 2004
I don't think new ads belong on the main page. Who cares about the ads? I sure don't.


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Nov 26, 2003
I watched the ad and completely missed the banner at the top.

Having had it pointed out I have to say that is one of the most innovative ways to use the two ad banners on the page.

It's very, very funny.

Pity iPhone users won't be able to see it :p


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Sep 22, 2006
Its way too big, I totally didnt understand what they were looking at because the top part was out of frame since the bottom video is so big. Basically I was like "wtf, how is that supposed to be funny?" It wasnt until I came here and saw it in a small image that I finally understood what the point was. It also doesnt help that they arent connected to eachother so it looks like 2 different ads, the top one being a typical banner ad that I naturally scroll down until its out of view.


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Jul 30, 2007
Excuse me I forgot I had AdBlock (maybe the best Safari plug-in). After disabling it I watched a fantastic Apple ad! Just love it!


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Jan 18, 2007
This is a good one. I've been wondering though, I had so many problems with XP on my old Dell, so if that was so bad for me I can't even imagine how bad Vista must be. (My logic being XP is said to be relatively good and Vista is relatively widely accepted as not yet up-to-par.)


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Jul 22, 2005
Sadly, we've had more stability issues with Tiger than Vista within our organization. While the problems in vista seem to be more driver availability and some incompatabilities with older software, with Tiger, we've had all kinds of weird issues with finder content not refreshing, printing not working at all (to any printer) until reboot..etc. Just weird things that seem silly in this day and age.

We even had two machines side by side looking at the computers on the network and one would see machine called "X" lets say and the other would not show it in the list. No matter what we did it wouldnt show. Even upon reboot it failed to show. Very weird. Both were running 10.4.x at the time. It was a 2K3 server that failed to show but other 2k3 servers we had still were there.

Anyway from my experience in our environment where we have 100+ XP stations, 10-15 Vista stations and 20 OSX stations (10.4) I can honestly say that Apple is grasping at straws with the ads. You may not like the UI but all the talk about stability and viruses and all that being a major issue is a farse. In the 4 years of being at the company, I have yet to see 1 comprimised computer (Virus, Trojan or Malware). All the ads are doing is annoying the people who are computer literate enough to use both platforms and the ones that fine them believable are the inexperienced and gullable. Thats my take on things. Even speaking to the hard core designers who have used both platforms, they find the ads unprofessional.

If you've ever seen a really small cocky guy being all loud mouth and pushy even towards the big guy... Well you know where I might be going with this. I believe in speak softly and carry a big stick. The ads IMO show apple as the 'little' guy who makes a lot of noise. One day he's gonna get hit. LOL.

Really, with MS office being such an important software for a lot of people, all MS would have to do is stop development of that product on the apple platform and it would do major damage. Not sure if anyone else feels this way but I think its retarded to poke the sleeping bull with a big stick....


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Apr 28, 2005
The ironic part is, if I load it in Safari it crashes my browser. Way to go Apple.:mad:


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Jun 27, 2007
Really great ad!

If you think Vista has less problems than OS X? Think again.

Vista requires driver to connect to common DVI or VGA output (to say, a Video Projector), that even OS 9 can auto detect. Yeah those "drivers" don't exist for most projectors, so if you have to make a business presentation while on vista, you are screwed...

Vista requires drivers for networked IP printers. OS X has most printers built in.

"Vista worries lead IT pros to consider Linux, Mac alternatives"
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