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    This may sound pretty dumb to some people, so please forgive my vast ignorance. I'm a 15 year PC user now on my first Mac, and I'm having a few difficulties understanding the relationships of a few things.

    Specifically, the way that programs are installed via downloads from the web. I'll give you a scenario:

    I started thinking that I'd like to get my DVD collection into digital format. So I went ahead and downloaded Mac The Ripper and Handbrake.

    .DMG files downloaded to the downloads folder, but it added what looks like a drive to my desktop. I then proceeded to use the "installer" on both of these programs. After the install, they just sat on my desktop as the thing that looked like a drive.

    Looks like Handbrake added itself to my dock, but Mac the Ripper did not. Plus, I "ejected" the Mac the Ripper from my desktop and it no longer appears to be on the computer as an installed program.

    So I'm just sort of trying to wrap my head around it coming from PC - ideally, I'd like to add a program, have it drop into the "Applications" folder, and then I no longer want it on the desktop, but it seems to be a process I'm not immediately seeing.

    Sorry if this sounds like something I could have found on my own - I did search around and I'm only finding other "tips" but not anything on my specific question.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Once you launch the installer, just drag the application into your applications folder before you eject it. I always double check that it's in there before I eject the .dmg and trash it.
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    So basically if you have a program like Hulu Desktop, the file will download, mount itself and then ask or open a Window for you to drag the "icon" into the Applications folder. That's it, drag drop, app installed then drag the mounted drive to the trash can. This will unmount it automatically, or you may right click to unmount and save the file if you wish.

    Or like the 2nd pic, Quicksilver downloaded and it looks just like an icon, no mounting. Just drag and drop the "icon" into the Applications folder. Done. No need to dispose of anything.

    There are also a few apps that will carry you through the regular installation as if you were in Windows, clicking next, I agree, continue, etc.

    Edit: Added a screeny for Mac The Ripper, I was slightly confused when I first made the switch but it quickly becomes 2nd nature.

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    Disk images can be unmounted by dragging the icon to the trash. :) then if you are done with it, trash the disk image itself.
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