New phone copies iPod


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Please tell me that's a joke - if not, it's a usability nightmare. There's a reason that iPods are designed for outputting rather than inputting information - unlike phones which generally have to be able to do both.

Is it a touchscreen so that you can dial numbers that aren't already stored? EDIT - I see it is. Having had a p800/900 with the flip off, it was a nightmare trying to dial numbers on the screen.

As for trying to send text messages or input new names, are we going back to the space invader hi-score format of scrolling through the alphabet?


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Jun 19, 2003
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I like engadget's desc of this thing:

Look, we’re not saying they can’t or won’t do it or anything (and we’re certainly not going to harp on Hop-On’s slightly dubious history), but if nothing else you have to kind of admire the gall of a company that thinks they can just waltz onto the scene and offer up a handset with a 262k color touchscreen, 2 megapixel camera, MPEG-4 video recorder, push email, dedicated Apple-lawsuit-bait MP3 playback controls—all for $300 US. We don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but c’mon, let’s not be presumptuous about what can and can’t be accomplished here, ok boys?


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Oct 1, 2004
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grapes911 said:
I see no problem with this since Apple stole the click wheel from the Gameboy prototype.
Geeze. People need to get over this thing of 'stealing' ideas. It's all evolutionary. Nothing comes from a void. It is within the context of society. Inventors refine and improve but they very rarely come up with anything totally radically new. For example, this message 'steals' the concept of the alphabet, grammar and the very Internet itself. :)

Besides all that, many people come up with very similar ideas totally independently. Put 100 engineers to a problem, each in their separate little box and you'll get 9 answers. Eight of them will work. Three will be excellent. Pick one of those and market it.


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Jul 28, 2003
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mkrishnan said:
Pssst....pretty sure the Gameboy comment was a joke. ;)
Consider it satire. Everyone steals from everyone (sort of). Many people are coping the iPod and it's features. Well it's not like Apple never copied anything. I forget who invented the laptop, and I don't think the company still exits. Everyone copied that idea. We could create a huge lists of things companies have copied (especially in the technology world). Frankly, it's good for the consumer. Would you really only want one company making laptops (because it wouldn't be apple)? What if there was only one car manufacture? Or if there where many car manufactures, but only one could use the steering wheel? Other companies had to come up with their own ideas. It's just silly.


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Mar 14, 2005
From Harp On exec: "Our market research studies showed that this design will be extremely successful."

REALLY? What gave you that idea?

You think 'their 'market research' means looking around on a train at any given time? :rolleyes:

That phone looks horrible anyway. :p