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Apr 11, 2005
It's been two years. New phone coming. What do you have to set / aka, what doesn't transfer.

If I back up my current 12 PM and then setup my new 14 PM from that backup I should get all my apps, all my message history, my camera roll, most of my settings I believe.

But I believe Face ID and all Wallet items will need to be setup again.
Not sure if this means on my watch too as the watch is now technically paired with a new device, but I don't think I have to unpair my watch and pair it with the new phone.

Also, all Bluetooth pairings will have to be set up again as those are device specific. Not sure if AirPods and Beats are also subject to this or just speakers and cars. What about CarPlay?

Anyone have a list?


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May 16, 2015
Face ID and wallet needs to be setup again for sure.

Old watchOS you must reset your watch to pair, and even so it is a little bit of hit or miss on first try. It was better to unpair first before upgrading. Nowadays, I think it is a bit better.

Bluetooth yes you need to pair those devices again. But for AirPods and alike, I think it doesn’t need to since they are tied to your account.

No idea about CarPlay.
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