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    Hopefully this is not a dumb question and I am overlooking something. I have iCloud Library turned on, on my iPhone, iPad and iMac.

    My question is I have plenty of space on my iMac and would like to permanently keep the original photos I take with my phone in the photos app. Problem is once they are in my photo app on the mac and I delete them off my phone they delete off everything including my iMac. Am i overlooking something? How do I keep a copy of photos on my iMac but not on my phone or iPad?

  2. mrnorwegian, Apr 17, 2015
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    Apr 8, 2015
    You can not delete images on only one device, the deletions will always sync to all other devices connected to iCloud Photo Library. However, here are some alternative suggestions to your problem:

    One solutions is to choose keep originals on you iMac and choose to optimize storage on your iOs devices. This will keep all your full resolution photos on your Mac, but only keep device optimized versions on your devices taking up less space (the devices will download the bigger versions from iCloud as needed).

    Another solutions is to use two libraries on your mac. One system library synced with iCloud Photo Library that only contains the images you want on all your devices, and one additional local library with the rest of the images that you would want on your Mac. (hold down the alt button while pressing Photos in the dock to access the library tools)

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