new powerbook... should i get one?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by fuzzn, Aug 4, 2005.

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    Mar 22, 2005
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    hey people... i'm currently a Windows PC user but i kinda hate it. All the crashes and problems and the look and feel and the slowness and just about everything about it... I HATE! the only thing i'm concerned about is the software and games i use. But anyway back to the topic... i'm looking to buy a powerbook and maybe a powermac... but a friend of mine told me that i should wait for the Intel models to come out because they will be faster, cheaper, and by then a slimmer and better looking powerbook will be released. Also he told me that since it will be intel, i may be able to use more peripherals on it and shift some hardware like my hard disk to it because the intel motherboard will make it compatible with Mac operating systems (whichever one is out by then). So i was wondering if all you Apple experts out there could give me some advice or hints on when i should buy my PowerBook and if all the Intel Hardware compatibility things my friend has been telling me about it true. Will they really be ALOT faster and reliable and cheaper?

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    Chef Medeski

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    A Simple answer, Yes. Or more accurately, probably. I just switched like you into a brand new powerbook. The thing is, you are going to have to wait at least a year for them to come out. Don't listen to the speculation of january. Then you'll have to wiait at least another 6 months for programs to work on it. By which time Rev. B or C would be out. Which would mean you would have to wait another couple months in order to get one without bugs, thats what you got rid of your windows for. So, I would give you the option of waiting untill not July, but next July for a working Powerbook with software. And by the time the compatible hardware comes out such as you speak of it will defenitly be two years from this date. I mean your friend is right, but you are going to have to wait to get your hand on a bugged computer, wait even longer for an unbugged computer, and wait even longer for what your freind is saying.

    Personally, I decided I don't have two years to wait for a Mac and bought my fully loaded 12" last week. So, yes your friend is probably right, but if you waited two years to buy any laptop it would be slimmer, faster, and more compatible, anyway right?
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    Check out my thread entitled "Powerbook Feedback" in this forum for my recent switching experience/powerbook review. This machine is certainly capible of running a decent number of games. If gaming is your forte, I recommend getting a lower end Book for everything else, and a cheapo PC for games. I enjoy gaming myself and thus far this book hasnt let me down...Im running KOTOR maxed out, Battlefront and RTCW Enemy Territory with no problems. Ive heard these machines are also Doom3 capible, although I havent picked that title up yet. Latly Im not so much of a game freak as I used to be...

    If your concerned about max performance wait a month or so for the revision. Otherwise, a current iteration book will do you well. With the student discount, theyre practically giving these things away. You will be very happy with one if you chose this route...Im impressed every time I sit down to use this machine. Its aesthetics and intuitive interface all equal a very pleasing computing experience. If you want details on specifics, dont hesitate to ask.

    In regards to the intel macs...its not worth the wait in my opinion. If you really want an Intel, buy a top of the range powerbook now with the student discount, then sell it when the intels come out. With the 500+ dollars you save via the discount, Im sure youll get all or most of your money back when the time comes.

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