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Jul 20, 2001
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Originally posted by jefhatfield
256 MB min of RAM would be cool, too
Now way, I want 0mb RAM standard. Apple way overcharges. I can get a gig elsewhere for close to what Apple charges for 512.
You can get a gig for $260, actually...which is WAY less than what Apple charges for $512.


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Sep 18, 2001

Come on people.. look at any major computer manufacturer.. Dell, Gateway, Compaq... ANY.. They all charge standard prices for RAM which IS higher than what you can get at because think about it! They have 1 kind of memory to sell.. It is always going to be higher than what you can get at your BARGAIN shop.. also, look at one of the Memory ads in your latest MacWarehouse, or at Fry's or at CompUSA.. Memory is high there too! True the cheapest way to buy is or some internet wholesale, but that is true in many products.. take out the third parties, because they will always be higher.

Dell's website shows the mid-line computer with 128 MB.. If you want to upgrade to 256MB, it is an extra $80. If you want two Dimms for 512MB total, it is "add $240"

So that's $80 for only 1 extra 128MB and $240 for only 384MB extra.

Apple shows $100 for 1 extra 128 MB (256MB total)
and $300 for 1 512MB DIMM (one chip rather than Dell's two).. 1 chip is better BTW cause it uses 1 less slot.