new problem with PMG5-gray screen

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by xtempo, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. xtempo macrumors 6502


    Jan 2, 2014
    now I can't get past the gray screen.

    I have not tried the firewire link but I am wondering if something failed.

    I have remove the two cards USB and SATA controller and the extra HD in slot 2 under the main HD. the DVD drive has been unplugged as well.

    I took the battery out and put it back. I have also resetted the pram but to no avail.

    I only have a Tiger disc so is it possible to boot from that and repair permissions and HD or do I need to track down a Leopard disc?

    What would be the signs if the motherboard, logic or any other boards were failing?
  2. Altemose macrumors G3


    Mar 26, 2013
    Elkton, Maryland

    Does the Apple logo appear and the gear keeps spinning?
  3. xtempo thread starter macrumors 6502


    Jan 2, 2014

    sorry I forgot about this thread.

    I did end up fixing it by using the Tiger installation disc to repair permissions. Which help make it usable in target disk mode. I had to repair disk using disk utility on my PBG4.

    Would there be an easier way to fix it if it comes again?

    I am thinking I should buy a copy of Leopard just in case.
  4. ctmpkmlec4 macrumors 6502

    Jul 4, 2014
    Lyons, KS
    In my past experience, any time my Mac acts funny - i.e. won't boot past gray screen or hangs on blue screen - I start with zapping the PRAM: CMD-OPTION-P-R.

    If you continue to have issues with booting, I would question the condition of the hard disk or whether you have bad RAM. Repairing permissions is not something you need to do regularly.
  5. xtempo thread starter macrumors 6502


    Jan 2, 2014
    I had to also repair the disk not just the permissions. I guess I forgot to post that.

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