New Project for Developers - get your Itunes Connect Sales Data, when they available

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by microcheese, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Jan 23, 2014

    i created a Project which to access ITC (iTunes Connect) Sales Data and get Push information of the last day sales report by Growl/Prowl

    As a developer I always want to see my proceeds (earnings) as soon as they availible on iTunes Connect. This App will push the proceeds (earrings) of the previous day and the current month to your iDevice (via Prowl Protocol, you could use the growl IOS Client to receive the Prowl Push messages - I use growl instead of IOS native Push, as you would need to renew the developer certificates every 3 Month and it will only be availible to the liked devices), as soon as the new reports available.

    So not longer the need to type any user / passwords or starting any app. It will send you the values in a Push message in your wanted Currency - just a few moments after the new reports are available.

    In the app itself, the proceeds (earnings) from the previous days/month are displayed and a graph with the earnings of the current / last month (Fiscal or Monthly). As well a breakdown by app is availible for each day.

    Project is hosted on:

    The App itself is open source, but you need a backend Server which do the polling and send out the push messages. This part is not open source. You could build up your own or use mine for a small usage fee (see project website)

    The App itself does NOT access or pull any imformation from iTunes Connect directly. There is a backend Server which pulls the information, and send out a Push message to your device. The app does only communicate with our backendserver.

    You need to enter a iTunes Connect Username and Password with the Permissions to view the Sales Reports - I recommend to create a new User for that App and limit the access to Sales Reports. (See my support Site if you need help:


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    I just use Distimo... Free service that emails the reports to you as soon as they're available. Almost no effort to set up - I don't think they even need your password.

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