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    Dragon Age which gamers swear by. This game is based in the fictional land of Ferelden where we meet memorable characters and fight for a cause we believe in. it has a much crafted story line and is lengthy so the excitement keeps folding. This game is very interesting and easy to fall in love with. Some other interesting games are Borderlands, Call of Duty: Modern warfare 2, Free Realm, Assassin’s Creed and many more.
    Another interesting new PS3 game is Shatter which is a brick breaking game. It is a simple, innovative yet an interesting game to play. The simplest brick breaking game is very old. Based on these lines only this game is much more advanced in its outlook.
    The great visuals and soundtracks have thrilled the gamers to play this game often. The graphics of all the new games is better than the predecessors. This game is a bold invention with most new PS3 games being action based.
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