New Quad 2.8 + 8800 Hard Disk Observations

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by GotPro, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Jan 29, 2007

    Haven't been able to post since my machine Shipped on Saturday and I got it yesterday. Just moved into a new Apartment, and internet is finally working.

    So... I got the stock 320 gig (mine was a WD drive)... and it's definitely not the fastest drive in the world. I pulled an OLDER (1 year or so) 400GB WD 16 Meg Cache drive out of an old firewire case, stuck it in... and it's about 10% faster than what Apple ships as standard... but... then I was browsing in Best Buy and they had a 150GB Raptor for $165... so... I grabbed it (to check things out)...

    And... well... here's what I ended up doing.

    Made a 150GB Partition off my 400GB WD Drive to match the 150GB Partition on the Raptor.

    I know this sounds crazy... but then I created a 300GB RAID 0 Boot Partition from the drive (even though they are mis-matched)... I didn't really even think it would work... being so mis-matched... but damnnnn!

    Boot time with stock 2 gig ram (fedex couldn't find my apartments this morning with my other 2 gigs from Transintl... I'm sooo pissed)... on the stock 320GIG drive is almost 23 seconds...

    With the bastard RAID 0 on the two drastically different drives? About 15 Seconds :eek:

    XBENCH gives me about 182 MB/S on uncached Writes!!!!

    Sweet. So... I'm thinking about picking up another Raptor and seeing what kind of performance I can squeeze out of two 10,000 drives in a RAID 0 array :)

    Or, I'll return it and get a couple of the new Seagate 7100.11's (500MB @ 32Meg Cache)... My thought there is that is cheaper than a single 1 TB Drive, and I'll have 2x the cache (64 Megs / Terabyte vs 32 Megs in the single drive).


    Oh, and ZERO PROBLEMS with my Mac Pro! :)

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    Jan 29, 2007
    Follow up:

    To test real world speed differences...

    In Civilization IV (latest patch, 1650x1080 High Graphics Settings)... here are the times it takes to create a scenario and from the time you've selected your nation, maps, etc... while it works on the disks... loads the scenarios... and until the "play" button shows up:

    Stock WD 320: 12.8 Seconds
    Bastard RAID: 5.9 Seconds

    Thats some REAL WORLD speed improvements, my friends! :cool:
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    Oct 7, 2004
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    Wow that's quite an improvement :eek:

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