New Radeon 9700 Pro Won't Boot

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MagnusVonMagnum, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Jun 18, 2007
    I just got another Radeon 9700 Pro back from the guy on E-bay that sold me the first one that mysteriously stopped working about a week after I installed it (put the PowerMac Digital Audio computer to sleep instead of shutting down and it never woke up and would not boot with that card in but would boot with the old Rage 128 in it).

    Well, I put this 9700 Pro in and it won't boot either. So either the guy sent me the same 9700 Pro back that didn't work before to only lose a few bucks shipping (instead of having to give me a new one) and just make me think he tried to do the right thing (so I don't give him a negative rating on E-bay) or there's something wrong with my PowerMac's video card slot (yet doesn't affect an older card like the Rage 128). I can't imagine how that could be, really and the not waking from sleep thing seems like it probably has something to do with THAT yet I can't think of a single thing that sleep mode could do to say the firmware that would keep it from working with ANY 9700 Pro. Plus when I got my 1.8GHz 7448 Newer Tech processor recently, it updated the firmware so it would work with that CPU so it seems like that would have erased over any funky firmware stuff (although maybe it just added to it instead of updating it all).

    I tried the nvram reset thing with the old one when it quit working. I'm not sure what else I could have reset that would have made any difference. I've looked high and low on the Net for some similar occurrence with a PowerMac and have come up with NOTHING. It all seems crazy, but then I'm having issues with my new AppleTV units (two of them). They can't rent/buy anything or play any DRM content or access YouTube. Everything else on them works (non-DRM music and photo streaming). Apple has not been helpful at all thus far. It's all a bit frustrating. "It just works" just isn't true for me.

    So I guess I can either try ordering something else (say a Radeon 7500) just to see if it'll work (i.e. test graphics slot with something not so expensive) or just run Tiger and forget about Leopard (I get a ~100 user interface test rating under Tiger but only an 11 under Leopard on this system; I assumed this was due to the Rage 128 not being supported properly under Leopard. It feels too slow to use it on a daily basis. Tiger feels very 'snappy' by comparison, but I can't run any real 3D stuff there either. The Rage 128 has like zero 3D usefulness.
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    Jan 9, 2008
    Well, for one thing, the Rage 128 isn't *really* supported on any version of OS X.. at least not since 10.2, because they don't work with Quartz Extreme; QE requires arbitrary texture size capabilities, which all ATI cards prior to the R100 (Original Radeon) lack. Thus your CPU is doing all the work when it comes to the GUI.

    Are you sure you got a Mac card this time around? Try putting it in a PC and see if it boots. If it's a PC card, just get the mac ROM and flash it. Your AGP slot is fine.

    And yeah, a Radeon 7500 or 8500 would work just fine, a hell of a lot better than your Rage 128. A frame buffer larger than 16 MB is pretty much a must (though I guess it doesn't matter since it's a Rage not a Radeon). You really want at least 32 MB VRAM for Tiger, probably more like 64+ for leopard (which would be the R8500)
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    Well, I'm not defending the card. That is simply what it came with when I bought it used last year.

    I have no experience flashing PC video cards. Can you flash the same card you're viewing the display on? AGP motherboards only have one AGP slot and I don't have any PCI video cards. How do I avoid having WindowsXP cry about changing my hardware configuration for that matter? What utilities are used to flash the AGP cards? In short, I don't want to brick something.

    As for not being flashed for a Mac.... The guy who sent the card is a well known seller of flashed mac video cards. I highly doubt it's still set for a PC.

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