[New Release]Worm Jump HD - Math Adventure for all ages!

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    Feb 23, 2011

    we have just released a new game: Worm Jump HD.:) This is a themed puzzle game that challenges kids 4+ and adults to solve math problems with different worm characters. This includes addition, subtraction, and variations shapes. Based on the child's knowledge, you can choose from different levels. In addition and subtraction mode, for example, you can choose to solve problems from 0-10 to 50. If you prefer shape matching which doesn’t require any calculation, you can choose 3 or 5 shapes to play with.

    Jump tirelessly to escape from the angry bird chasing after! Answer all the math problems, use special items and skills to fight back and avoid all the traps on the risky way up!


    - Extremely easy game control for kids: TAP
    - 2 game modes that teach kids about Addition and Subtraction, and Shapes
    - 2 levels of difficulty: Easy and Hard
    - 5 lovable animated worm avatars (Iron worm, Shooter worm, Super worm, Ninja worm and Wormie)
    - 5 well-designed themes (Brick, Jungle, Purple Totem, Rainbow Country and Cloudy Ladder)
    - Lively sound effects and music
    - Choose from 10 to 50 for addition and subtraction, 3-5 kinds for shapes
    - Game Center Supported Leaderboard
    - No In-App Purchase

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