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Apr 10, 2015
Dallas/Ft Worth
So, after picking up my new rMB yesterday, I will open it later this afternoon. I'm EAGER to open it, but I can't with my partner. Long story, in which I won't type out here. LOL! ANYWAY, I'm trying to figure out what the 1st steps should be. Obviously, I'll able able to explore the world of Apple through a Laptop in which I have never had. From reading the forums on here, I'm just wondering what OS it will come with. Will I need to update anything? Will the MacBook guide me through this as it's turned on? I'm reading on forums make sure the OS is up to date because battery issues could be a problem if not updated. Obviously a big concern being a new laptop and all. When you update the OS through any MacBook is it free? I'm not sure what the latest version of Apple OS is but obviously I'd want to be on the latest/best one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to open this puppy! LOL!

*(I did post another thread on being a new MacBook owner, in which I had a few replies. None replied with my questioning here though.)*


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Oct 2, 2011
I took delivery of my space grey rMB this morning.

I had a lot of updates that had to be done.

Mainly it was Apple's own apps. Garage Band, Key note etc.
And the actual update to the OS, which took a good hour or so at the least.

Once all updated, I was happy just exploring the computer, and getting all my apps downloaded.
Very impressed with the DropBox app, WhatsApp, Twitter and Shazam! Not tried remote play with my PS4 yet, but got the app downloaded and have a feeling that will come in quite handy!

I am loving owning one of these. It is mainly for my upcoming home study which begins Monday, but it's nice to have a Macbook anyway to use leisurely, as well as for my studying!

Enjoy it!
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