New rMBP - finder not finding most files when searching?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by cmm, Mar 25, 2014.

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    I used Migration Assistant to transfer over all my files, if that matters. So when I search in finder window (which is where I do 99% of my searches), finder isn't finding the files I'm looking for more than 75% of the time...

    I have had this computer a week, so I assume spotlight has finished indexing (about 300GB of data).

    Any ideas what is going on?

    I looked at a file that finder couldn't find, that I was looking for, and it has a weird entry for spotlight in there. Here's the screenshot. I'm thinking maybe permissions are screwed up, but my user account has read+write permissions?

    Any help would be appreciated- thanks!!

    NB: Spotlight also could not find that file, named IRS EIN.
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    From your screenshot try to get the spotlight service read/write privileges to see if it helps.
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    It looks like a bug in Mavs migration. I found this thread.

    Try resetting ACLs. Do a command-r boot to recovery then from the Utilities menu launch Terminal. Now type "resetpassword" (all one word without the quotes) in Terminal and return. You will get the screen below.

    Select Macintosh HD then select your user account in the drop down. Ignore the password fields. Now click Reset at the lower right. That will reset your ACLs and permissions. Now restart and see if that fixes it.


    You may also need to reindex Spotlight with this Terminal command.

    sudo mdutil -E /

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