New Safari slow to load


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Aug 21, 2008
Anyone having issues with Safari loading pages? When I first installed it was super fast, now it seems like every link I click on theres a 10 second pause before the page loads. The blue load progress bar also goes about 1/5 of way then stops during this pause.


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Jul 26, 2012
Lanarkshire Scotland
I find that when mcbpro is booted or re started Safaris is very slow to load my home page or any page I choose.....was much faster with the earlier beta's/mavericks/mlion


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Jan 8, 2008

Ditto on Safari !

I thought that it was my ISP initially, but once I do speed tests I get my 30+ Mbps downloads, no problem... It seems to be Safari itself:

Browsing is slow. Loading new site is slow. Sometimes it just hangs there and you need to try again.... This is not good, not sure how this went through QA and didn't get noticed... This is on a 2011 Imac BTW. Silly me for upgrading on day one, I didn't realize it had just come out, it's generally a bad idea to get Apple's V1.0 of..anything, really...

PS: Router restart, cache cleaning, blah blah, nothing doing...

Edit: Went through a bunch of suggested improvements such as reducing transparency, cleaning cache, etc... Problem is I did everything at once, and the next day it was better... It could be that spotlight was indexing or something... I don't know, weird that it affected safari only, but now it's normal again !
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