New software turns PC into TiVo TV recorder

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Tilpots, Sep 29, 2008.

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    from CNN/Money

    Apple...What's the hold up for DVR? Everybody's doing it...
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    Why buy the cow when the milk is free? ... or something like that.
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    I'd probably consider such a device if Apple had DVR capabilities, although there is the open question of how the thing would decode HD cable to begin with -- there isn't really a standard in place for that today, is there? There's CableCard, but isn't that essentially defunct? And there's somewhat less point in DVR capacity in my Apple TV if it's just plugging into my other DVR from the cable company anyways....

    I will say also though that good software is crucial in DVRing... The software from ReplayTV (which I previously had before I got HD) and TiVo is so much better than a lot of what's out there from ... *cough* that awful Motorola that Comcast provides me with. I mean the Motorola can do On Demand and has a bigger hard drive and does HD, so it earns its keep, but just getting it to start recording a new series is a royal PITA. I missed the first episode of House because some stupid setting wasn't right. :( But anyways, if TiVo is making software that runs on a PC, I'd take it seriously, but honestly, most of the software that exists today to turn computers into DVRs sucks.
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    From CNET's article

    I think the main goal of an Apple DVR would be that you could cancel cable, freeing up cash to spend money at the iTunes store to watch anything that's not free OTA and to rent/buy movies. I know there's still a big question mark about live TV; like sports, news and weather, but services like ESPN 360 and CNN's live stream could fill in nicely.

    TiVo is the software behind this release. As for Apple, I would think they would handle it in house, creating the hardware and software to work seamlessly. My Scientific Atlanta HD box from Time Warner cable is awful. It's hard to navigate, crashes all the time, and sometimes randomly doesn't record shows.

    I want to ditch cable, but I want an Apple device before I make the move. The current :apple:TV just doesn't cut it for me, with DVR being the main thing holding me back. 1080p and a physical media drive would make it a no-brainer, and if it could surf the web, I'd be an idiot to pay Time Warner another red cent for cable.
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    I don't understand its pricing

    This is an interesting concept, but the pricing is suspect to me.

    You have to pay $200 (if you don't have the TV tuner hardware to begin with and $100 if you do.) But since there is no cablecard support, you're only dealing with analog cable.

    You're still paying for the TiVo service. And all of this before you consider the cost of a PC. (Great if you have one already, but does it have the system requirements and hard drive capacity to run this smoothly, or do you have more upgrades even further?)

    If you're going to do all of this for analog recordings, why not just get a Dual Tuner TiVo and use TiVo to Go or Toast on a Mac to transfer recordings if you want to burn to disk or transfer to an iPod?

    If they ever do this for a Mac, I would want to see a highly integrated product with iTunes and/or Apple TV to make it worthwhile to spend the extra money.
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    It might not be such a bad deal until you get to the part of about paying a yearly fee to TiVo, when most other DVR software requires no such fee.

    I guess a one-time payment and likely built-in advertising is not enough for the uber-awesome TiVo software.

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