New SSD, need help with time machine.


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Dec 8, 2009
I am waiting for a intel ssd 160 gb g2 in the mail for my mid 2009 unibody macbook pro. It should probably get here by thursday :) In the meantime i have been thinking about how to restore my itunes library and iphoto library to my new ssd. I do not want to restore the entire drive.

I want to do a clean install of os x and then restore itunes library and iphoto from time machine, along with my documents etc.. Is this possible? and how?


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Feb 17, 2008
Earth Lane
If your planning on doing a clean install of OS X, then why not just save the iTunes folder and iPhoto file separately on your Time Capsule. Once your done copying with OS Install, just copy over the iTunes folder and iPhoto file.

1. Make sure iPhoto and iTunes has the latest update.
1. Copy over iTunes folder & iPhoto file to Time Capsule or any other external hard drive.
2. Install OS X.
3. Update iPhoto and iTunes to the latest update to match your saved files.
4. Open up iPhoto and iTunes at least once so that i can create the necessary folder structure and the file.
5. Replace the newly created iPhoto file and copy over your music to iTunes folder. It wont allow you to replace iTunes folder so just copy all the contents underneath the folder.


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May 3, 2009
Why go through all that work when Time Machine does that for you (for restoring itunes and stuff not for installing osx)

You can navigate the time machine backup manually and pull back any folders or use the time machine restore feature. Either way its a lot less work then what you had delineated.


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Nov 25, 2009
I just wanted to see if you had any luck with that SSD? I have a mid 2009 MBP and have had no luck getting 3 different SSD's working or a 7200 RPM replacement. More of my info and screen shots if you are having the same issue about what I have tried here. I am desperately looking for a solution on this. Oh just noticed will not be here tell Thursday! I wish you luck and hope you do not run into the problems I have.
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