New SSD??


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Dec 8, 2006
So I went SSD shopping today. Got a new crucial 240gb from tiger direct store (not website) for 128 something including tax. 30 dollars off today. Tomorrow goes up 10 bucks .

It is 250/500. The Samsung pro series (840 pro I think it was) was 134 on sale today. But only 128gb. But the Samsung is 390 read and 530 write. Huge difference 390 versus 250. The 30 is not much but 390-250=140. That's a lot. But half the gb.

Is space more important. Or the speed. Is it worth sacrificing half the gb for that extra speed. Or is 250 enough for windows 8 or mac for that matter. Or neither and I should of gotten the faster one.


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Mar 4, 2013
Assuming you're referring to the Crucial M500, its read/write speeds are not that far off the Samsung. Don't know where you're getting the 250 MB/s number from, unless you're going to be installing it in a SATA II/3 Gb/s system (2010 and earlier), in which case any new SSD will give you that speed because you're limited by the controller, not the drive.

If you're going to be dual booting, a 240/256 GB SSD is the absolute bare minimum I would recommend.


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Mar 12, 2014
You want the space with running an 8.1 install. I gave my 8.1 install 40 gb's in a paralles install and with base os, some apps and jsut 1 game (as 8-12ish gb seems to be the norm for a game these days) there is not much spare room.

And you have whateveris on the mac os install needing its space too. Your m500 246 will be adequate for this. I run it. I am eyeing the 960 gb version but am hesitant as I know in a year or 2 I may upgrade MBP and hand me down the current late 11 MBP to my son for his first computer. Thats around $500 better saved up maybe but thats my dilemma lol.

Generally unless time is money for what you have planned lost speed not a deal breaker imo.