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    Crucial has recently issued a new model SSD, "Crucial MX300, 275GB SATA 2.5"" which costs around seventy(70) Dollars. I am ready to pull-the-trigger on the older "Crucial MX200" SSD model for my MM(Late 2012) but now trying to get some new information on the newer MX300. Any thought??
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    Probably just an updated product (MX200 --> MX300).

    Looks like they're giving you some extra storage space for your money. SSD's previously have come in 240gb and 256gb sizes…

    I've used Crucial products for a while, they've performed well.
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    Good review here. The biggest change is the 300 uses a new 3D TLC NAND chip with better endurance.

    But for normal, consumer usage, if you can get a deal on the MX200, I see no reason to spend extra money on the MX300.
  4. Kaida, Jul 31, 2016
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    Been waiting for the lower size MX300 as it was originally only available at 750gb for $299.99.

    I bought 1 a few days back at $69.99, I think 275GB over 240GB, 250GB, 256GB at about the same price point (compared to other brands) or even cheaper is a plus.

    Samsung has been dominating the ssd market with "Rapid Mode". But now after 2 years of TLCs from Samsung, Crucial has finally come out with their own "Momentum Cache", I am hoping that it will at least be the same if not faster.

    I see that MX200 is selling for $85 while the MX300 is $70. Also, MX200 was released > a year ago. If the new one is not as good or better, then it should have been BX300 instead of MX300.

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