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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by MarkCooz, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Short Written Review - Sticker Boy's New Matte Blue Myst Skin

    Hey guys, just wanted to share with you this pretty awesome skin I picked up from Sticker Boy. I believe it's their newest skin for the iPhone 5. It's different from Metal Slate that everyone's seen around the forum.

    I also used a coupon code "tts2" for 5% off.

    I attached a few photos for you guys to check out. I have the White/Silver iPhone 5 so If you picked it up and have the Black/Slate iPhone 5. I'd love to see some pics!

    Back | Top Piece | Gray Anti-Bacterial​


    Back | Bottom Piece | Gray Anti-Bacterial​


    Matte Blue Myst | Bottom View​


    Matte Blue Myst | Volume Buttons & Vibrate Switch​


    Matte Blue Myst | Top View​


    Wide Shot | Full Body Skin ​


    Close Up Shot | Back Skin


    Currently loving this setup. I have the Matte Blue Myst with Gray top bottom pieces for the back. It compliments the look of the silver back of the 5. I'm not sure what will look good for the Black iPhone 5, but I can tell you it really makes your iPhone unique specially if you like rocking your iPhone naked. I wouldn't recommend using a case when you have the side skin installed, as if it's too tight. It'll just rip the side skins.
    But if you have the back/front installed you should be fine, weather it's Bumper style case, Snap or full case. It should be fine.


    The color of the skin has this nice light metallic blue to it, and sometimes when it's lighted in a certain way. It has a slight charcoal/violet hue to it.
    The skin feels and looks sandy or grainy as you can see from the pictures, but it's still pretty smooth.
    The gray, top/bottom piece is Anti-Bacterial and has the same feel as the "Matte Blue Myst", but look wise, it looks like a fake "leather" material.


    Cutouts are perfect. Speaker/Mic Holes are perfectly aligned. (Take your time while doing this, and don't rush it. You'll have a flawless install) I've had no issues with the headphone jack, nor lightning cable being ripped up by using them on a daily basis.


    The price is fairly reasonable for the items you get. $29.99 and you get these
    1. 1 x Front
    2. 1 x Front (2 piece style)
    3. 1 x Back, Center with logo cutout
    4. 2 x Back, Top & Bottom (2 full sets - click the link below)
    5. 2 x Complete Sets Sides (enough to wrap your sides 2 times)
    6. 2 x home buttons (2 piece style)
    7. 2 x home buttons (1 piece style)

    Thanks for checking out my mini writeup. Since I can't post a link to their website... It's Sticker Boy . net (without space) and check out the
    "Matte Metal Series"

    Hopefully you guys can share some of your thoughts, pics as well if you happen to pick it up! Looking forward on seeing what kind of combos you guys come up with!
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    Feb 1, 2012
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    Cause if the word Sticker Boy without space turns into a bunch *'s so if you click the link it'll be invalid. MacRumors rules. I honestly don't know why.
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    Awesome review! Hoping to see some with the Black iPhone 5. Would you say it's hard to install the pieces? I have somewhat a shaky hand. But also OCD. So I like to have a perfect install.
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    Glad you like it man! Thanks!
    The easiest part would have to be the top/bottom piece in the back. Since it's glass. It's much easier to take on and off, and it's such a small portion of a skin, that you shouldn't be having too much problem..

    I'm pretty OCD too when it comes to installing anything. You can still take it on/off if you misaligned even just a tad bit which is pretty cool.
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    Looks great, might just order up a new side piece!

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