New Striped Woven Nylon Bands


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May 15, 2014
Who ordered some of the new nylon bands? I ordered a Pollen one, really love the bright colors on it, kinda like the scuba blue which is discontinued now. Should be coming in tomorrow. Anyone who has some of these new nylon bands feel free to share pictures and discuss here!
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Jan 15, 2008
I also picked up Pollen and have it set for delivery tomorrow. I haven't liked any of the nylon bands that have come out before so this will be my first. It looks like exactly what I want to wear on spring/summer weekends. If I like it I might also pick up Tahoe Blue.


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Sep 22, 2012
Andover, UK
I ordered the Berry for my wife ... it arrived about 20 minutes ago and waiting for her to open this evening. I'll post pics at some point.

the future

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Jul 17, 2002
Here is an unboxing video of the Berry Nylon band (and the grey/black Nike+ band). It's in German but for a first IRL look it should do:



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Sep 22, 2012
Andover, UK
The Apple Store has now all the bands to try on but nothing to sell. Stock arrives tomorrow:

View attachment 693249 View attachment 693250 View attachment 693251

The sales associate also said the new classic buckles have a spring in the buckle that helps it stay closed.

I thought the pollen one would look worse than this. In fact, I may get one:

View attachment 693252 View attachment 693253 View attachment 693254

And the blue ones:

View attachment 693255 View attachment 693256 View attachment 693257 View attachment 693258
I assume the sport band on the far right of the tray is "Pebble"?


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Sep 22, 2012
Andover, UK
Having both, fog and concrete, it seemed to me to be more brownish.
Interesting. More towards the "Walnut" side of the spectrum then?

I have fog and bought concrete the other day. Returned the concrete as was just too close to fog to warrant keeping. Fog is probably my fave sports band along with white.


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Jun 26, 2006
Considering ordering a Pollen or Orange one, might wait to see what they're like in real life first though.
I was just at the Apple Store and the colors are brilliant in the display case. Far "louder" than the pics on the website. Orange and red are gorgeous.
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Oct 22, 2007
I'd love to see the new classic buckle on a wrist. Trying to decide if I like it.


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Dec 7, 2016
Seattle, WA
I tried to stand my watch up like that and it just tips. I guess the weight difference between sport and stainless is too great.

Or maybe it's that levitate spell. ;)

Really happy with the blue.
Could be levitate. But more likely the case that the Pollen band just happened to be kind of stiffer out of the box than the other nylon bands I have. It feels really nice. I've ordered the others as well.
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