New Switchers MB has Inverter Whine

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Nik73, May 26, 2006.

  1. Nik73 macrumors regular

    May 26, 2006
    I really hate this to be my first post (long time lurker), but wanted to share my experiences with you.

    I've wanted a mac notebook for years now, but always played it safe at the last minute and stuck with Windows. I finally plucked up the courage this year and decided to go for the MBP. However, after some research I learned of the frightening issues with that model and decided to wait for the iBook replacement.
    On the 16th of this month, along came the MB and initial reports were good. Yes, it got a bit warm, but no "noises" it seemed. So I ordered one that night and counted the seconds until it arrived this Wednesday.

    First impressions were amazing (not an exaggeration), I'll try and be brief.......

    1) It's fast, very fast. Boot time is ridiculous and apps open very quickly (especially compared to my 4 year old PC!)

    2) Screen is fantastic, amazingly bright and colourful. Though I actually prefer glossy screens. I was concerned about the size (being too small as I'm used to a 19" desktop) but it's perfect. Overall the size is spot on in my opinion.

    3) OS X definitely lives up to the hype. Much prefer it to Windows already.

    4) It's beautiful to look at. I spent ages just looking at it from every angle before I turned it on!

    5) Keyboard is great and easy to type on, even for my large hands. Definitely better than other laptops I've used.

    6) Heat. Yes, it gets warm on your lap. Hot? No, but warm enough to be uncomfortable. For me personally anyway. I know it shouldn’t be used on the lap and putting on a book helped, so this wasn’t an issue, again for me personally. Saying all this, I never pushed the CPU at all so that may cause it to cook!

    7) Software is great. The new ads are right when they say everything else is like itunes and as easy to use.

    8) CPU whine. I noticed it while connected to the AC, but it was quiet enough that I could only hear it when I put my ear next to the Esc key. Also, it went completely when running on battery. Again, for me personally this meant it wasn’t really an issue. Other electrical items in the house made far more noise, eg the tv and even lamps!

    Sadly, 24 hours after that things aren’t so good. The CPU whine is there constantly unless the computer is being pushed (which we all know affects battery life and heats the computer up). It isn’t deafening or anything but definitely noticeable if there’s little background noise, ie no tv on or music playing.
    While I was listening to this the computer was idle so the screen auto-dimmed. Suddenly I was hearing another whining noise from the bottom right of the screen! With my heart pounding I adjusted the brightness and, sure enough, the whining stopped when the brightness was at either 0%, 40% or 100%. Any other setting and it was there. As far as I know, no other MB has had this dreaded inverter noise yet.

    So I nervously called Apple UK this morning (after reading some of the stories on the forum) and they couldn’t have been more helpful and polite. The first guy was thorough and polite and put me through to a second guy as it was the first case of inverter buzz on the MB they’d heard about.
    The second guy was equally helpful, as well as extremely knowledgeable, and told me straight away that the unit was defective and he’d arrange a replacement. I levelled with him and told him I was very nervous about this, given the reports doing the rounds on the internet, and that I’d prefer a refund for the time being, buying another further down the line. He said he understood and that wouldn’t be a problem, even if there were no issues at all as it was within the 14 day period. He advised me to call the Apple store and they’d sort it out.
    This I did and the woman was extremely helpful and arranged for TNT to collect the unit within 2 working days. I asked if I would have to pay the £60 return fee and she said absolutely not as the unit was faulty. Overall, my experience with customer support was perfect and I’d give them an A+.

    So there we are. Obviously, I’m definitely very disappointed but these things happen and the problem is getting sorted promptly. I’m definitely not going to rant and rave and Apple bash. Neither am I going to recommend no one buys a MB, they’re incredible machines, but personally speaking, the issues are enough to put me off.
    I’m sure my inverter buzz is an isolated case and another unit would be fine but now I can hear the CPU whine, I’m sure I’d constantly notice it and it would get on my nerves. Even if it wasn’t there I’m sure I’d be forever checking for it. In my opinion, albeit limited, I think this noise may be par for the course for such a powerful, yet small, computer. Again, just an opinion.
    I think the whole thing with all the issues is that it’s down to the individual. Some will never notice them, or even if they do, aren’t bothered by them. One person may find it acceptable, another may not. Unfortunately, I am of the latter.
    Would I have noticed these noises if I’d not researched the product? Who knows? Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    The experience certainly hasn’t put me off Apple as it’s an amazing computer. I’ll definitely be getting one further down the line, probably with the first update and/or the arrival of Leopard.

    Sorry to start yet another thread, but I think the inverter issue is a new one for the MacBook. Also, please remember a lot of what I’ve said is just my opinion, so please don’t yell. Just wanted to give my two cents and share my experience.
  2. Josias macrumors 68000


    Mar 10, 2006
    It's cool. Have you considered upgrading your RAM? Since you only have .5 GB now, you could get it even faster by getting just a gig, or perhaps 2:eek:
  3. NJuul macrumors 6502

    Mar 15, 2006
    Read the post, he returned it, has 0 gigs now
  4. fredwards macrumors member

    Jul 20, 2005
    Maybe I am at the point where I have simoly gotten over the Macbook completely, but even though it SEEMS like they really were nice and helped you out, that might not completely be the case.

    Im on my thirs Macbook (one macbook pro, two white macbooks) and i have the whine (power) at an abnormally loud volume (believe me I'm becoming an expert :p), the moo, and reaaaaaly hot running temperatures.

    I'm going to Apple yet again and I pretty much have the same option as you. Get a new one or refund it completely. Sure it sounds like good customer service, but the problem is that the replacement unit is NEVER any better than the unit I am replacing.

    I am so displeased with Apple's quality control. It is not their customer service that is lacking as you have said, but great customer service cannot make up for these defective macbooks forever.
  5. teness macrumors newbie

    May 29, 2008
    whining and clicking

    mine not only started to whine after i upgraded my HD but in the past week
    the trackpad has started doing this clicking noise. it's driving me crazy. maybe it's not just the trackpad as i noticed it just now as i was typing too! ugh!
  6. Mackilroy macrumors 68040


    Jun 29, 2006
    From what I've seen of posts here, the whine, moo, and other issues were largely fixed a year ago or more. fredwards experience is far from normal. My friends' MacBooks don't whine, the ones I see in stores don't whine, and none of them have any of the other issues reported.
  7. Trip.Tucker Guest

    Mar 13, 2008
    Inverter? What freakin inverter?

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