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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by krewelement394, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Feb 14, 2008
    hello, i just got my iMac yesterday and im having difficulties with safari. on my MacBook when i start up safari i automatically get redericted to the apple homepage, which is fine because i have it set up to that, and i also get a blank tab that when i do click on it, it takes me to the top sites . i like that setting because i do not have to go to file>new tab. it is much simpler to just double click on the area where the tabs are and get a new blank tab that do i get safari to open up at start up with the home page tab, and a blank tab? i compared my macbook's safari settings with the imac's but no good......

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    Gratsi! (thanks)
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    Since you are new to Mac and likely MacRumors, go to google and type in "mroogle". This is MacRumors Google.

    Type in what you want to find out and search. Very simple and easy.

    And here is the answer to your question:


    P.S. It's Grazie.
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    Feb 14, 2008

    no, im not new to mac. ive had my macbook for 2 years now. now i have an iMac. the only problem i aam having is with safari, when i open up safari i can't make a new tab unless i go to file>new tab...that is simple to do but is very annoying....
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    Well, I'm not sure this is what you want, but here goes:

    1) Bookmarks --> Add Bookmark Folder (call the new folder Startup).

    2) Load whatever page you want for your home page.

    3) Bookmarks --> Add Bookmark... (give the bookmark a name and save it in the Startup folder)

    4) File --> Open Location... (type in about:blank and press return to load a blank page)

    5) Bookmarks --> Add Bookmark... (name and save in Startup folder)

    At this point the folder called Startup should have a bookmark for your preferred home page, and a bookmark for a blank page (in that order).

    6) Safari --> Preferences --> General --> New windows open with --> Choose tabs folder --> Startup and click the Choose button

    7) Restart Safari and see if it does what you want.
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    You could use View --> Customize Toolbar to place a "new tab" button in your toolbar, and then set Safari --> Preferences --> New tabs open with --> Top Sites.

    Then just click that button to get a new tab for Top Sites.
  6. kepner macrumors 6502

    Sep 7, 2003
    ViewShow Tab Bar

    (This option will be disabled if you already have more than one tab open. Close all but one tab first.)
  7. Gregg2 macrumors 603

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    Do the above, then poke around in Safari Preferences> Tabs (Safari Menu) and Safari Preferences > General . You can make the new tabs open to various pages.
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    Ways to create a new tab in Safari:

    File menu > "New Tab"

    Keyboard shortcut (Command + T)

    New Tab Button (Go to the View menu, select "Customize Toolbar" and drag the icon for "New Tab" into your toolbar, next to the back/forward buttons.)

    Double-click anywhere on the tab bar (Go to the View menu, select "Show Tab Bar".)

    Click the small "+" symbol on the far-right side of the tab bar.
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    Under the General tab in Safari preferences there's an option for letting new windows open with topsites. Try that.

    Or type in "topsites:" into the textfield.

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