New TB3 expansion options coming soon from OWC


Original poster
Nov 2, 2018
A while ago I noticed a blog entry from OWC about a new SoftRAID release, saying that it supported up to 8 drives for soon-to-be-announced OWC products. I went to check back today and see if they'd released anything new yet, and while it's not quite released, there's some info about a few new items listed:

I think I'm most curious about the "FLEX 8" - but it will depend a lot on whether it has multiple TB3 connections to the host, or tries to cram everything through a single cable. I literally have a Thunderbay6 (6x SATA, 1x M.2 drive case) and a Helios FX650 (eGPU/PCIe case) sitting in my basket waiting for me to bite the bullet - but this may provide a "two birds with one stone" solution. My GPU requirements are pretty basic - essentially just a bit more power to run 2 4K displays at non-linear scaled resolutions. No games, no VR, no photo editing.
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