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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Bilalo, Jul 11, 2013.

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    I wanted to ask, if i get a time capsule, does it connect to my wifi and i can connect to it and do the backup and etc? Because i keep on reading that i have to connect the internet cable itself to the time capsule. I live in the uk and have virgin internet. They gave us they're own virgin hub if i'm not wrong i can't not use that and use something else and also i'm not even sure anything is connected to it. Please xplain, does the time capsule work as my wireless backup and do i have to be connected to it for that to happen? Also can i wirelessly copy things on it and delete them from my comp?
    Thank you so much :):confused:
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    If you have a router that suits your needs, see if you're able to attach a hard drive to it and use it for back up (it will work with your Mac). There's no point to buying a time capsule just for backups.

    There may be external hard drives that work over WiFi - not sure.

    On time capsule, files are eventually erased as back-ups fill the space. But you can copy files to it manually, outside of the back-up, and they'll stay until you delete them.
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    If you want/need to keep the Virgin hub then you connect the Time Capsule to the hub with an ethernet cable, you then setup the Time Capsule in bridge mode (I think it will detect and set this automatically with the current Airport Utility). At that point the Time Capsule is just another device connected to your Virgin Hub, albeit one that also acts as a WiFi hotspot (can turn this off if needed, though it should perform better than the Virgin Hub).
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    The Time Capsule will work fine. What you want to do is connect the TC to your Virgin Hub by ethernet then set the TC in "bridge mode" in the screen below.

    Then use the TC for all your wired or wireless devices as well as Time Machine backups.

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    Would you mind rewording the title? Maybe to "... I don't get it"

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