New Time Capsule, how best to optimise ??

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    Hi all,

    Just bought a 2tb time capsule and want to optimize it into an existing network.

    I am an expat working in Korea and the Internet/wireless network was arranged by our property agent so I am reluctant to mess with it for fear of losing my connection (even temporarily that would be unpleasant).

    I have the following other devices:

    1. Imac (2011 version) running ML
    2. Macbook Pro (2012, retina display) runnning ML
    3. Apple TV 2
    4. Ipad with retina display (wi-fi + 3G)
    5. Ipad mini (wifi only)
    6. Iphones (2)

    I am fed up with the duplication of photos and music on a number of the devices and I would like to have a central location for them plus a whole bunch of movies that I have stored on external hard-disk right now.

    The idea is to set-up the fastest back-up solution for the two computers, plus have a kind of archive solution for watching movies, looking at photos, and playing music through the apple TV and the flatscreeen TV. Ideally, I would like to be able to use the apple TV to watch my stored movies through and thought I could do this by connecting the external hard-drive to the TC to get it on the network.

    I have the TC set-up just now as an additional network device (e.g. I just hooked it up to the existing wireless set-up) but I understand that I may not be taking advantage of a faster network (5Ghz ?) capability of the TC for connecting my two computers to.

    Back-up with time machine seems to be very slow (about 12 hours so far to back up 38Gb of a 154Gb back-up). I have the TC connected via ethernet cable to the broadband router and was just using the airport wireless connection for the back-up from the iMac, I don't fancy using this set-up to back-up the Macbook Pro unless it is the fastest I can get.

    Can anyone advise on my best course of action ??, I am fairly savvy but I am just a little worried about messing with the existing wireless network.

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    First setup the Airport signal in the Time Capsule to dual broadcast in the 5GHz range and the 2.4 range at the same time.

    Watch the video New Apple Time Capsule (4th Gen): Unboxing & Review and get an idea of the layout.

    I use the same Time Capsule and also have a powered USB2 4 port hub connected to the back with a external hard drive and printer connected. Then in the Airport Utility I just had to share the connected drive using the Airport Utilities 'Manual' mode. It work great as a wireless archive of saved programs dmgs. It works great for an archive and i can mount it on with all my Macs.

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