New time capsule, technical advice needed

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by abz1981, Nov 30, 2013.

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    Hey all

    I wonder if any of you technical wizard forum members can answer this question. On my new time capsule. I have noticed the wifi signal on my MBA is always showing 4 bars, which is great. However on my iPhone and my sisters iPhone and her iPad it can drop bars and some rooms it can drop to 1 or 2 on an iPhone. However on the MBA its fine. What would be the solution to this,I have spoken to Apple and they told me to try re-set my Time Capsule which I did, but didn't help. Is there anything you guys/gals suggest I change on my time capsule to help resolve this issue?
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    Your Macbook Air has a lot larger antenna, so what you're seeing may be perfectly normal for your home, depending on factors such as home size, construction, and placement of the Time Capsule.

    You can extend & enhance the wireless network coverage by adding one or more Airport Express routers.
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    Also, the MBA has 2 antennas, so it can pick the best signal or add the two to get better reception (aka MIMO). All iOS devices to date have a single-antenna radio design.

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