New to ATV2- some help please

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jason2811, Jan 9, 2011.

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    I have two questions.

    1) Is there an alternative to Meta X? Is there a program that will let me put in the movie title and automatically pull up the important info (actors, director, synopsis, year, movie poster) without me putting each one in on my own individually? Meta X used to do this with Amazon but doesn't any more. Any quick and easy way to put meta data onto mp4 files?

    2) I just got my ATV2 and I love it. My current set up is my ATV2 streaming from iTunes on my MacBook Pro which is connected to a 250GB Western Digital external with all my media on it. However, since my MacBook is a laptop I hate having to plug in my external every time I want to watch a movie. I'm looking for an alternative to this and was thinking about going with Time Capsule (or a cheaper alternative from another company). However I'm afraid that there would be a lot of delays and hiccups streaming from the ATV2 through the MacBook to the media on the Time Capsule back to the ATV2. Thoughts? Does anyone have this set up or can recommend a cheaper alternative to Time Capsule? I was looking at the LaCie Wireless Space.

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    I use iFlicks. Absolutely love it. Does the works plus even conversion, though t does to mov files which hate. So I just use it as a tagger, and cant recommend it highly enough.

    That said, a lot of people use Subtler, Identify, both of which I havent played with.

    Use to use MetaX, was ok, then it started failing to include chapters then more would not work so gave it the flick. The iFlick!!!! :D

    As for an external on your ime works fine. A lot of people do it. Still need iTunes on your laptop to serve up the content, but it'll work fine.
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    1) I've used all of the other programs mentioned by Omne666 and will be give my endorsement to iDentify--will lookup and tag info for large batches of media simultaneously and works great. I used to use MetaX as well and wish I converted a long time ago, especially for tagging of TV--I blasted through 600+ episodes I'd been procrastinating on in no time using iDentify.

    2) Hooking up an external to a Time Capsule for your iTunes media will work just fine. I used the same setup initially until I bought a Mac Mini for an HTPC and now have the external hooked up there instead but I only stream to my first gen :apple:TV in our bedroom and never recalled having any problems with the TC/External HDD setup.
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    If I can sugest about 1st question... I like to recomend iDentify -



    On itunes library!


    On second question ...I can say ...

    I have Time Capsule and one big5 lacie disk storage ... My iMac and Apple TV's are connected on my LAN in 5Ghz ... 108mbytes/s if you consider that a byte is 8 bits than you have 13.5 mbits per second!!!

    Apple recomends 5mbits/s for profle 3.1 on h264 encode... for extremely quality and file size um can see movie with 10mbits/s bitrating without problem.

    I have variour movies in profile 3.1 with bitrating near the 6mbits/s and the quality are superb!

    I hope to Help and sorry my english!

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