New to Consoles. Need help on alternative controllers

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by akutad, Dec 30, 2009.

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    I'm currently considering purchasing a gaming console. Not sure on with of the three. I've never had one even as a kid. I've always played computer games. However the disadvantage with playing computer games on a mac is the lack of new recent/current games on a mac. Furthermore I would need to upgrade my computer which will cost more than $300 vs purchasing a gaming console.

    My single greatest reservation on getting one is the controller. I feel goofy in using it. Is there a way to hook up a mouse and keyboard to a gaming console. If so which console. I'm considering a sony playstaion as I don't have a blue-ray player yet and this will take care of that and/or a wii for the kids. Xbox maybe a possibility as a blueray player can now be picked up for around $100.

    I currently play COD4,Battlefield 2142 and Las Vegas 2. I really am used to the keyboard and mouse controller and was wondering if I can somehow make that work. I do have a usb and bluetooth keyboard if that helps.

    What is your advise.
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    I'm sorry to tell you but with the exception of the PS3 none of the current gen consoles support mouse/keyboard. The PS3 supports it but theres only one game that takes advantage of the feature...there is an alternative though..

    I haven't tried it out but I heard its the closet thing you're going to get on consoles.

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    Yea, watch out. I bought my first console FPS game earlier this year (Bioshock) and just got MW2 for Christmas. If you've used a keyboard and mouse for long it's very hard to take a step back to controllers.

    UT3 on the PS3 supports keyboard and mouse but that's pretty much it.

    You can get similar precision to a mouse with the Wii but you can't access as many buttons/keys as playing with a keyboard.

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