New to Entourage: How do I archive?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by vodo4, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Mar 29, 2008
    I have been using a MacBook personally for a few years, but I just started using a MacBook Pro for work. After years of a Dell laptop with Outlook, I am having trouble with Entourage 2008 on my Mac. I am using an Exchange server, and about every 2 weeks I receive a company email telling me that I have exceeded my allotted email space. In the old days, I would just archive everything locally to my Dell hard drive, and in Outlook I would have access to my current folders and all of my archived stuff, including attachments. Entourage does not have the "archive" option, but there seem to be some similar options. I have read posts about MBOX, setting up projects, converting to RGE files, etc. but I cannot figure out which path to choose. I want all of my emails and attachments accessible immediately in Entourage and stored locally like I had with Outlook. I need to know what process to use in Entourage to archive once I receive the company emails saying I am over my limit. I am sorry that this is an old question, but this is really important to me, and I cannot figure it out. I need to add that I switched to Mac against the wishes of my IT department, so I have no help there. However, it's going okay and this is really my last major hurdle.
    Thank you!
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    I also have to deal with this issue. The easiest way to stay within your space allocation is to copy messages from your Exchange server to the corresponding mail boxes in the Folders on My Computer section. Then delete the originals from the server. However, I usually delete only those messages with large attachments.

    RGE files are really something of a sledgehammer in search of gnats to slay. First you have to establish a project. Then you have to assign your messages to the project. You can then archive all project files to an RGE file. Entourage allows any and all Entourage data to be archived in RGE files. I usually archive just my messages for each quarter. However, that is not really necessary because I have local copies of everything. Should I have a database failure, knock on wood, the quarterly RGE files may come in handy. All files within an RGE archive are accessible if you import the archive. It becomes a folder in your Entourage sidebar.

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