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Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Dagless, Apr 8, 2007.

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    I've just started all this. I've joined the MR team with the same username I have here. That's all honky dory. But-

    I cannot get my PowerBook or the OSX side of my C2D iMac to work.
    The PowerBook just doesn't progress past "Completed 0 out of 5000000 steps", and the intel build for my iMac just doesn't work, the graphic is broke. I suspect that isn't folding either.

    However the Windows XP side works like a charm. Though it's only using 50% of my CPU. Does this mean it's only using 1 core? How do I get it using 2?

    At the moment it's taking about 12 hours or so to do 1 WU. With my PowerBook and the other core kicking in I could rack up some better figures :)

    So let me end this with a cry for "help!", thank you!
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    I'm no folding pro but I'll try to help ya.

    For your iMac I believe you want the SMD client for Windows and for OS X. I know for me the first time I install and run it it tends to not get a work unit for a while. After that everything seems to work okay. Maybe just let it sit overnight and see if it's working? Also I tend to have to reboot after the first install. No idea why but that's what got it going for me. Although maybe it works fine without.

    I would recommend reading the SMP FAQ also if you haven't already.

    Not sure about your Powerbook. I'm assuming you have the PPC client downloaded.

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