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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Turian.Spectre, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Aug 31, 2010
    Hi, I am new to this program and the things that are in my screenshot is all I got so far. Its pretty hard to find exactly what you want online for these scripts. Would someone please post some Geeklets that they know with a Picture of what theirs looks like and step by step instructions on how to do it? I will Start first.

    Firstly you need to download Geektool. You can get it at the following link.

    You can see all the things I have on my desktop in my screenshot.
    If you like to do something similar, here is how. Open GeekTool, click and drag a shell to your desktop. You will see a properties panel show up, in that panel you mostly need to worry about the Command section, Refresh right under that, and the font button that is lower.
    I will start with the Calendar number (23). type or copy/paste this command in your properties panel date +%d. It will mostly likely be very small and black. Click on the button right under the word "style" in your panel. A new window will open. To change the color of your text, theres a button on the top with a T and a colored box next to it. The rest is self explanatory. When you are done you can move on to the next thing.
    You need to drag a new shell to the desktop and make sure its selected. Start the process over. Here are all my commands. A shell is needed for each of them.

    day of week date +%A
    month date +%B
    time date +%I:%M
    Am/Pm date +%p
    Next month calendar. #next month cal -m $(date -v+1m +%b)

    on the calendar I used the font "Andale Mono" seems the best to space out the days properly. Make sure to adjust refresh rate for all of them as necessary to save on CPU usage. For example, I have my time set to refresh every 60 seconds. That's it for my post. I hope this makes someone happy to have useless or useful things on their desktop. If anyone wants to post more (please do), remember to give step by step instructions if more are needed for all of us noobs out there like me. And please post pics so we can preview your commands!

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