New to GoLive — need friends. :-)


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Nov 18, 2005
Hi, I've been working on my own hobby site at for a while and am having trouble understanding GoLive CS2. Take it easy... it's my first ever website. (Let alone commenting on the subject material which is WAY off topic.)

First: I can't figure out why the masthead bar headings don't hover properly. I thought I had set it up to turn red, but there's no colour change at all when I hover over.

Second: My wife did that nice photoshop montage — all kudos to her. Oil age on the left, renewable era on the right.... she had to do it, her Lord and Master told her to! (Who am I kidding, she's the designer here... I'm so ashamed. :eek: )

Third: How do I get the background colour of the cell to change colour if I do a hover over, just using the "normal" graphical interface in GoLive and not, repeat not, getting into any language? Is there a drop and drag or buttons function that helps me organize background colours of a hyperlinked cell to change with hover over? I've been looking in the CSS but can't find it. What page is it on?

Cheers... and this is a fantastic forum I must say.