New to iMac...question on saving/backing up photos from Iphone/iCloud

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Pikeboarder, Sep 25, 2014.

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    Sep 23, 2014
    Hi all
    Newbie iMac and iCloud user here. We're going to get a new iMac this weekend. We also just got Iphone 6's. I've been reading up on syncing, iCloud, Photo Stream etc etc and had my head spinning. I have some questions regarding being able to save/backup all my photos.

    I read that if I delete a pic from my phone it will get deleted in iCloud. How do I ensure that doesn't happen on the desktop? or maybe I'm not understanding the hierarchy of how things work in the Apple world.

    Please bare with my newbie questions. I appreciate the help.

    1) If I wanted to get pics (over Internet/wifi) from my iphone to desktop iPhoto would the sequence go like this: iPhone -> photo stream -> iPhoto? I think if I enable photo stream on phone it will upload any new pictures to photo stream. Then I can allow iPhoto on the Mac to receive new photos from photo stream?

    2) If #1 above is correct, if I erase a pic on my phone, does it erase it from photo stream thus erasing it from my desktop? Or does that only happen between iPhone and iCloud?

    3) I believe I can just directly connect phone to iMac and iPhoto will upload all new pictures to the desktop. If I do that, and the same pic is in photo stream, will iPhoto download a 2nd copy or realize it's the same and leave it alone?

    Thanks again. I was thoroughly getting confused with the inner workings between iphone, icloud, photo stream, iPhoto. My main concern at this point is ensuring that I have a backup of my photos and only have them deleted when I manually delete it myself.

    Thanks again!
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    Relax, if you buy the machine from an Apple Store (STRONGLY recommended) you can also book a Genius appoitnment and they will help you set it up and answer your questions. In addition when you buy any Mac (doesn't matter from where) you have 90 days of free AppleCare telephone support that will answer all of your questions. I'd also strongly recommend investing in AppleCare, you don't have to buy it immediately however it must be purchased within the first year of ownership. AppleCare extends the warranty to 3 years and provides 3 years of phone support.

    Setting up iCloud is extremely easy, follow the instructions Apple provides in the link below and you should be all set:

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