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    New to the whole smart phone thing, though I have had and do have prior wireless phone experience, and have some questions regarding the new iPhone 5. My cable internet went out (has gone out on me quite a few times however this time was the longest) leaving me to believe that TimeWarner cable is completely useless, a fraud, and dishonest service provider that can go ***** themselves as this is the last time I will ever bother with them. Internet connection was out for 2 whole days leaving me with nothing to do work with. Because TimeWarner is all we have here in Hawaii for cable internet its really our only choice. Well I'm dun fed up with them and their services will be cut and canceled out as soon as my iPhone 5 is received.

    First off I would like to just say that the main reason I purchased this phone was because it could (act as a mobile Hotspot) which at the time of adding this additional line of service to my AT&T account I originally anticipated ordering the AT&T Liberate Hotspot device which was sadly sold out/not in stock. So the sales rep. mentioned a smart phone, yada yada yada, Samsung Galaxy, yada yada, that if I had a smart phone I would be able to use it just like a mobile Hotspot device. At this momment I said Ahhh this is my time and excuse to finally jump on the smartphone (iPhone) bandwagon which I just did.

    Now I purchased this iPhone 5 64GB model with 5GB data plan mainly to use as a mobile hotspot for connecting maybe 2 or 3 computers to, and aside from what its intended use will be for I wanted to ask and find out if you folks could gimme any kind of heads up on things to look for within the screen. I could have swarn I heard about some faulty displays and some blemishing, as well as some light scruff marks, and poor milling regarding the silver band area around the phone. Please could some folks here feel me in regarding these issues and also some input on how it will perform when being used as a mobile hotspot and also as a general wireless phone?
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    The phone will work fine as a mobile hotspot if you have the correct plan or extras on your tariff but I would keep a VERY close eye on that 5Gb monthly limit and make sure you are well acquainted with the charges for over-usage.

    The issues folks have seen with the early release iPhone5s are the tendency of the black to scuff easily on the bezel on the upper and lower surfaces. There have been cases of dust on the camera sensor and a few improperly fitted screens but the large majority of phones are now shipping perfect out of the boxes. A full-body case will reduce the tendency to scuff but in all situations, a scuffed iPhone still works as a phone.

    Battery life seems to vary with things like 4G-LTE in poor signal areas and a high screen brightness nailing the battery.

    I would not really say an iPhone was a good long-term substitute for a landline broadband connection for an office or multi-person home but if you are able to tightly control your usage and have no practical alternative due to your local ISP being of shoddy quality then yes, it will work.

    You should get speeds of around 2 to 5 Mbps on 3G in a "reasonable" signal area. Less if you are rural and possibly more if you are in line of sight of a mast.
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    Thank you for the info. I am almost thinking that when I receive my order which hopefully is before the end of this week due to the Holiday that I will most likely just return it it after reading about all of the WiFi issues, and mainly because this is what I had primarily purchased the phone for. I really wanted to at least get to look at it and give a play being I never actually held one or seen one up close in person but my wanting to do some play around with it would only cost me a re-stocking fee of $36.00 so I guess it will just go back once received.

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