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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Inspire-Me, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Feb 28, 2016
    Hi everyone!

    So I didn't see a thread like this. I'm surprised.

    So I'm hoping to ask a few questions/have a chat with iPhone owners (espeically iPhone 6) about device usage, does the marketing PR pan out, are you happy with the device.

    What attracts me to iPhone 6:

    - very compact size, good for one-handed use
    - the UI appeals to me (I despise material design)
    - a straight-forward end-user experience (fewest issues, tech jargon overload)
    - easiest music/podcast syncing/discovery options on the market
    - bettery privacy, encryption as standard, Apple isn't an ads company
    - sturdy build materials

    Update - Just to mention, my plan is to get the 6 now and upgrade to the 7 later this year. Jump on the two-year update stream.

    Battery life?
    How is it? To give an idea of my usage, I glance at Twitter and other non-demanding apps for 5-10 minutes a few times a day, news apps, read a few emails, rare and light game-use e.g. crosswords, some light messaging use, lighter phone call use. Temporarily, I'm also tethering a few hours a day via my phone. Currently, I don't get through a day with my phone, despite the marketing claims that I should.

    I've about 8GB of music which I sync by cable and I use iCloud a little with my iPod Touch. I will probably start paying for the 50GB per month. Any issues/complaints with how things work?

    Build Quality
    How is the build quality? Any issues? What about a once-a-month three-foot drop on the ground? Ka-boom? I'll probably go for a good protective case in the end, especially for re-sell value.

    So how do the updates work? One major iOS update per year, several minor? How does the iPhone 6 fare with iOS 9? Is it comfortable in terms of speed, usage etc.? How far back do updates go? E.g. The 6 which started with iOS 8, would that receive and would it run iOS 10 comfortably?

    Any other tips or comments would be appreciated. :)
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    Uphill from Downtown
    Battery - I easily get a full day. Maybe hit 30% by days end when I facetime lots during day. My usage is similar to yours except I do not tether.
    iCloud - Its the same as your iPod so you know how it is.
    Build quality - I have no issues/bending etc but I am sure you will find complaints.
    Updates - running the latest iOS update and the phone is like new.

    Again, I seem to be problem-free so take it for what its worth.

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