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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tlinford, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Don't let the Antennae problem 'cloud' the achievement of IOS4, Ios4 is where things come together... the missing stuff is here at last, tethering, bluetooth support.

    I waited a long time before getting an iPhone while others joined in. First there were 2G only phones, in the UK where we've had 3G networks for a decade, this seemed like a no-brainer..

    Then 3G came, things were looking up ... BUT ... no data tethering, no Bluetooth support for headphones and keyboards ... no multitasking humm... wait....

    Then, iStore, has brought breath (or rather a howling wind) of fresh air into a stagnating world of computer technology which was leaving software houses wondering where revenue was coming from, with their products mature like a blue-cheese.

    iStore, felt like the glory days of free-ware and share-ware - BUT online... sweet.

    Still iPhone 3G was backward in some ways... shiny but leaving a list of frustrating things the phone should do... but didn't, not without 'jailbreaking'...

    Then finally IOS4 got me interested enough to part with cash... what a thing of glory it is . this mini-marvel this iPhone 4- but wait, WHAT, hardware issue with antennae !!

    WHAT A SHAME, just as the OS comes together . the hardware lets Apple down...

    Many have asked how did this problem not come to light until now.... I think the field testers, putting the iPhone 4 into cases to disguise the phone as a 3gs is why..... the antennae was isolated for field testing.... whoops!
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    Great iphone history lesson! did you research this all by yourself? :D
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