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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TheNotoriousROB, Jun 14, 2009.

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    Please bear with me I've been a Blackberry user for the last 2 years. My current blackberry is the Storm, but it's not what I expected. So I decided to early terminate my contract with Verizon. I'm use to having my emails arrive and alert me that I have new email. What I don't understand is that if I want my email delivered and alert me I have new mail, I would have to use mobile me? If thats the case I would have to manually check for email if I don't use mobile me?

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    Welcome to iPhone

    I do believe that is correct.. But honestly mobile is amazing.. when you get your iPhone I would sign up for a mobile me trial which is 90 days I believe and test it out for your self.....
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    I may be incorrect but from my knowledge, you need mobileme for push mail. (If you have an iphone & mac this service is well worth it) If you don't, you'll have to have it automatically check every 15 minutes or whatever the earliest check point is if you want it faster.
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    its a 60 day free trial, also buy mobileme from ebay, its a lot cheaper

    there are other alternatives, Yahoo works via push, but reading on here it seems a little spontaneous at best, also there has been reports of Gmail instantly pushing too on 3.0 - it hasnt worked for me though

    bearing in mind, you can set the iPhone to fetch new email from the server every 15 minutes, which depending on your needs may suit you if you're after a free alternative. there is also support for microsoft exchange services although i dont know much about them.

    Ive used gmail for a while now, although i dont need email to be critical and instant ive found it suits my needs. But recently i purchased mobile me from ebay, i figured its time for me to have a 'Grown up' email address now, and although i dont use it much the service is fantastic, coupled with the instant contact sync, and idisk im more than happy to pay for the service. (plus i love the new find my iphone feature)

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