new to jailbroken iphones, need some guidenece

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  1. Sossity, Aug 3, 2011
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    May 12, 2010
    I am curious about this, as right now, I have a little clamshell motorola phone with a pay as you plan from t-mobile. I like the plan as, I am not locked into an expensive contract with high monthly payments, I cannot afford this.

    however, I would like a smart phone like the iphone with this same t-mobile pay as you go plan, I can just buy minutes as I need them for about $10.00 to $15.00. My mom had an at&t phone, & she had a bad experience with it, in the end she was charged about $400.00 in fees, when she tried to break off with them, they were not very good, calls were often dropped, & they were expensive.

    So we now have had t-mobile for about 2 years now & it is much better.

    I would like to cut down on the bulk in my purse, as I have a separate ipod touch for showing off photos of my art, & occasional free wi-fi, & then I have the t-mobile motorola phone.

    I thought, why not try to combine the two devices? less to carry, I like the big screen on the iphone to show my art off, & to use as a phone as well. And since I am already familiar with ios on my ipod touch, & iphone would be a very similar thing, I already would know my way around.

    So I have a few questions I hope the more knowledgeable people could help me with, or to keep me from making a blunder.

    I see alot of jailbroken iphone 3g's on ebay, saying they are unlocked, some say t-mobile, at&t.

    once I get an unlocked iphone, how would I get a sim card or a t-mobile pay as you go plan on it? I want a plan like the one on my motorola phone.

    would I be able to get internet access with it? 3g access would be nice, but would it least be able to get free wi-fi like my ipod touch does? I need this occasionally, to look at maps & find my way around. would also like to be able to access my e-mail. would I be able to use it in another country like Europe, specifically the UK, as I have family there.

    also, I read that I cannot let itunes, restore or format the iphone or I will lose my jailbreak, so how do I prevent itunes from initializing it once I hook it up to my mac? it does this when I plug in a new device for the 1st time. I will want to put some of my material on it, photos of my art, maybe some music from my external hard drive.
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    If you don't already have a SIM card, you can go with either prepaid or post paid with T-Mobile.

    You cannot use 3G data with an iPhone on Tmo. This is because their 3G frequencies are not compatible with the iPhone's bands. If you choose to have a data plan, you will be limited to EDGE data which is slower.
    Go into iTunes: Edit, Preferences, Devices, "Prevent iPhones from syncing automatically".
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    May 12, 2010
    so would I have to go to t-mobiles site & buy a cheap pre paid cell phone to get the sim card? & would I put the sim card into the iphone? I thought sim cards were locked into just a single phone? & would I be able to refill minutes on it?

    if I cannot get 3g on the iphone with t-mobile, would I be able to use free wi-fi? like with my ipod touch?
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    Aug 4, 2011
    Cannot restore after jailbreak on ios5

    Hi guys, I installed ios5 a while ago and just now I plugged my iPhone in to the computer to charge it. A few seconds later, I got a screen that told me to connect to iTunes and I did. Nothing happened so I tried restoring and now its giving me error 1603. It's not restoring and I don't know what to do!!! HELP!

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