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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Powerstroke2000, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Feb 9, 2014
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    I'm a new mac convert, albeit have been using computers since their inception. One thing I don't care for is a healthy advertisement for an App, which tells you all of what it will do, works precariously to do a few things but wants into your wallet to finish off. To me, that's just extortion, and I don't care whom puts out that App, but it's delegated to the trash bin with regard to those tactics.
    With that said, using my old PC i easily knew where to go to 'uninstall' but on the Mac I'm not finding that same solution. One App 'Mackeeper' I installed was suppose to clean out my system (thought I'd give it a quick try) but again, it wants $$ to 'finish' is destined for the trash bin. I went into "Launchpad" and I see it there, but dragging it to the trash bin isn't working, as it pops right back to it's original location on the screen?
    Thus the question, on how to rid myself of these pesky apps? if an Application tells me from the get go, that there is a cost...I will consider my options, but if you download and it gives you a portion of it's abilities without telling me up-front...well, it will be deleted.

    i thought I'd ask what most Mac users are using for virus protection as well? On my PC I've used AVG "free" for years, without a single issue, but I'm not finding one for the Mac? I do have AVG Linkscanner installed, but is that enough?

    Thanks in advance, and if someone could advise me on other quality apps (don't mind paying if it's something I'd use often) mainly for browsing and mail purposes, it would be appreciated.
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    Don't try deleting from Launchpad - go to /HardDriveName/Applications and it'll be in there. Then you can drag it from the Applications folder to the trash.

    As far as antivirus, you don't need it. As long as you don't open attachments from unknown email addresses and give shady people physical access to your machine, you're fine.

    For visual reference:

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    You don't need any additional virus protection. The following has more information:

    There are also a number of previous discussions that may be of interest. Here is a link to one recent one:

    The following from MacKeeper support may help you uninstall that:

    You may want to do a search of this forum for something like tuneup utilities or mackeeper or both. I have never found a need for such utilities but am sure there are other opinions.
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    On a Mac I would avoid downloading any virus protection or clean my Mac apps. They are really not needed. Been using mine since 2012 (my first Mac) and I've not had any issues so far.
    I would recommend Carbon Copy Clone for it's ability to create a bootable clone of your hard drive. Time machine is great for your files and stuff, but CCC will get you going quicker in the event of a HD failure.

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