New to Mac- Firefox +Messenger Problems

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Jul 25, 2007
My cousin is new to using Mac's (and computers in general) and I don't use Mac's.

I just figured out how to connect to the internet so that's fine. She has basic internet connection and I downloaded firefox. It worked for awhile (read: 5 minutes) but after she closed the windows we couldn't get it back up.

It bounces up and down and all but we get no pages! What's wrong?


We also downloaded the newest MSN Messenger and it told me that I didn't have a default application to open it, so my cousin goes and randomly clicks one because I have no idea what I'm doing.

Anyway, she clicked Quick Time (head/desk) and now I can't even figure out how to change the default application to open it with (not that I even know what it is, what is it?) and the Mac's don't even have a right click that would make me feel so much better.

So, I need help installing not just the Messenger but how to install other things as well (ex. Skype ).


Oh, and how do you save pictures?
Like off of the net?

Thanks a bunch for the help.


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Jun 20, 2007
let me ask you this: the files you have downloaded, do they end in .exe ? This is a common mistake new Mac users make, especially when coming from Windows. The mistake is that these files are executables created to run on Windows and not the Mac. As such, the Mac is not sure how to recognize the file automatically and will ask you how you would like the file to be opened with.

QuickTime is a media player for the Mac for movies and the like. Windows users who have installed iTunes will have QuickTime too.

The Mac already has a web browser installed, Safari. For most users this works just fine as it is fast. However, if you require Firefox, then it can be downloaded from The website should direct you to the proper download link. Just make sure the file is specifically for Mac OS X. When it downloads to your desktop, an disk image (.dmg) file will appear.

Messenger can be downloaded here.

An open-source alternative to MSN Messenger called Adium can also be downloaded at

I'd also suggest doing a google search for Skype mac .

All applications can be installed easily by dragging the icon into the Applications folder, which resides in both the Macintosh HD or on the side of a Finder window. Any files left on the desktop (.dmg, etc) can then be dragged onto the trash icon into the dock.

Anyone else have some quick tips? I'd suggest checking out these links one and two.

As far as right click is concerned, it's 'there' in function. You can either hit the Control key and click, or you can go to the Apple menu (upper left hand corner) and open up System Preferences. From there, do a search on the right hand side of the window for two finger click. There will be an option under the Mouse settings that allows you to 'right-click' by placing two fingers on the track pad, or if this is using the Mighty Mouse, you need to simply change the settings for the right button to work as such.

One last tip is that closing a window by clicking the red button does not exit an application. The application will still run and this can be seen by looking for a black triangle underneath the app's icon in the dock. This is a Mac thing and allows for background tasks to run, or simply to have a program at hand without needing to re-open the application but also reduces clutter by closing any un-needed windows.


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Mar 17, 2004
Melenkurion Skyweir
Just so you know, Macs do have right-click.

If it's a new Mac and came with the Mighty Mouse, you have to enable right-clicking on it by going to Preferences-Keyboard and Mouse - Mouse, then change the right button from primary button to secondary button.


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Jun 5, 2007
Pressing Control and clicking the mouse works like a right click.

If you want to change the default application that opens a file you need to select Get Info from the File menu and change the application selected under "Open with" in the Info window. You can also press ?i or right click and choose "get info" from the menu that comes up.

However, as mentioned by vandlism, you probably downloaded a .exe and will need to find os x versions of the apps that you want to install.

To download a photo from the internet you can either drag it and drop it onto the desktop or right click (control click) it and choose "Save image as..."

Best of luck with the new mac.