New to mac.. how to save files where I want them

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by roadkill401, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Having come from a windows world where directory structure is about everything, I am having a hard time on the mac to wrap my head around what seems to be the just put it anywhere attitude.

    For instance, I bought VMware's Fusion program so that I can have a test bed and learn Linux and other OS's. Test apps and not destroy my new iMac install with junk.

    I don't know if the software was just written bad, but the only option is to create the new VM in the predefined /Virtual Machines directory off /Documents that is located on my rather small 256gb SSD drive, OR in the root of my external hard drive OR in one of the apple pre-defined favourite's locations.

    I would prefer for it to be on my external drive inside a folder I created called Virtual Machines.. But there is no browse function that I can tell to choose a better folder on any of the attached drives in the mac.. nor any method I have deduced on how to customise the favourites section to have locations that I use a lot rather than what Apple felt that I should use.

    Any suggestions would be helpful..
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    I would contact VMware support. Maybe they have a forum on their site. There is no basic reason why you can't save files where you like on the Mac. I'm not a VMware user but it sounds like this is an application specific issue.
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    Save it where it wants it too, and then just move the VM to your external drive. When you want to start it up, just double click the VM.
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    You can really do both with either OS.
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    Exactly that...I use VMWare all the time, and it simply follows standard OS X open/save dialogs, you can choose where ever you want it saved without any issues. There are no constraints other than permissions...

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