New to Mac OS X - Few Q's Re: iPhone 4 Sync & More


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Dec 3, 2011
Hi all, I recently got myself a MBP after using Windows since as far back as I can remember. From being fairly used to iOS and being tech-savvy for want of a better phrase, i've found it quite easy to get used to all the basics of the Mac OS.

A few questions though:

- I've got the iPhone 4 and I have iCloud photo stream setup so I can get my photos in iPhoto. However, if i'm in my Photobucket account trying to upload a photo, why can I not access these photos to upload them even though they appear in iPhoto?

- Another question is slightly similar to the above. In Windows, when I inserted my iPhone via USB, it appeared in My Computer, but why when I connect to the MBP does is not appear in Finder like a USB drive does? Again this causes a bit of a problem where the iPhone shows in apps such as iPhoto, allowing me to see photos, but I cannot access them from the finder in the Pictures folder?

These may be obviously answered but as a newbie, I haven't got a clue, so i'd be grateful if someone could help me out. Thanks a million. :):confused:


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Sep 27, 2008
To upload photos from iPhoto to the web you will find iPhoto under "Media > Photos" not under Pictures. Scroll down to Media in the sidebar when you are in the upload dialog box.

To import your photos into Finder and not directly into iPhoto plug in your iPhone, then open Preview and look under the File menu and scroll down to Import from iPhone. From there you can select the photos to import to any folder you want.


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