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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Purdin, Feb 22, 2009.

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    Hey everyone,

    I am brand new to the Mac world. I've wanted and iMac for awhile and finally purchased one yesterday off of eBay. Got a pretty good deal on a 20" 2.4 GHz / 1GB RAM and 320GB HD for only $960 from a guy with great feedback. Pretty good deal considering I sold my newer HP for slightly more than that. Then I purchased 4GB of memory to swap out and replace the standard 1GB.

    I've been doing research on the iMac for over a year. I still have a few questions that I'm hoping those more expereinced with Mac's can help with. I've been a Microsoft guy for 15 years even going as far as getting my MCITP so this "jump" kind of has me nervous, but I just love the commitment Apple puts into their products that I've decided to go for it.

    1) I know that the next release of OS X will have full Exhcange support, I've seen all kind of "rumored" release dates for it. Is it still scheduled for a Q1 release.

    2) How much are the upgrades normally.

    3) iWork or Office for Mac? With Exchange support coming in Snow, I would more lean towards iWork because it's made by Apple and it has the support for Word/Excel files.

    4) Is there an "All-in-one" IM program for the Mac that is better than others? I use Trillian on my Windows based machines but they don't have a Mac version.

    5) Is MobileMe worth it? I use Microsoft Live Mesh which claims to have support for Mac.

    6) Has anyone used Plaxo with Mac? If so, how well does it integrate with the calendar and address book?

    7) I've seen a few post about some 3rd party programs to pull data out of an Outlook PST and into a format for iMail. Any opinion on which method/program I should use would be great.

    8) Any issues with working with Windows PC's on the network? My kids have Windows based PC's (for now, until I switch them out with the new rumored Mac Mini's) and I need to be able to access their PC's, both hared drives and Remote Desktop.

    Sorry for so many questions. I appericate any help you guys can give me.

    Michael Purdin
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    No, latest word has it that the release will be sometime summerish.

    Around $130.

    If you work with Microsoft Office users, get Office. Otherwise, iWork is better. There are tons of threads on this subject.

    Adium is the way to go.

    Short answer: no. Unless you have an iPhone, MobileMe is a massive waste of money. Again, a very common subject.

    No. Mac OS X can connect to Windows networks for file sharing, and you can access any VNC server from Finder by going to Go -> Connect to Server -> "vnc://ip-address-or-hostname".

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