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Discussion in 'iPod' started by joshua_msu, Dec 31, 2008.

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    Hello yall. I have a new iMac. I have about 8 gigs worth of random mp3 music not downloaded from iTunes on a flash drive from my Windows computer. I was wondering where do i put this music so that it will show up in my iTunes library? Thanks. Also, since it is all random, do I want to check the box "keep music organized", or will that get too messy?
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    If you have 'keep music organized' and then drag all the music into iTunes, it will likely create a new library folder and copy all the files into their appropriate locations in the new directory. Handy if they're completely out of order on your flash drive.
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    Dec 29, 2008
    copy itunes from pc to mac the easy way

    1) If you haven't yet, run and quit iTunes on your Mac.

    2) Open the ~/Music folder on your Mac (Music in the sidebar) and proceed to open the iTunes folder.

    3) Throw away the "iTunes Library", "iTunes Music Library.xml" and the "iTunes Music" folder.

    4) Copy the "iTunes Music" folder from your PC into the iTunes folder.

    5) Copy the "iTunes Music Library.xml" from your PC onto your Mac's desktop.

    6) Run iTunes and select Import from the File menu. Select the "iTunes Music Library.xml" from your deskop.

    7) Your songs should be correctly transfered.

    I don't take any credit for the originality of this series of steps. I forget where I grabbed it from, but it works and is very simple. It should keep all play counts, ratings and all of that.

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